…….But, I DON’T WANT TO……

20 11 2011

Have you ever awoke in the morning worried about what is going to happen that day or thinking about problems that exist in your life?   Well, I did this morning!  My first thoughts centered on things that are happening that are causing me concern.   Are these problems going to be my focus and driving force this day? I whispered a prayer for help with this choice and then, what happened?  No great thunderbolt hit me or did I break into singing the Hallelujah Chorus, but a verse quietly came to me!   “This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it”.  The reference is Psalm 118:24. 

I sat on the edge of the bed thinking about this verse and knew I had to make a choice.  Would I continue to dwell upon them, (really over something that I had little control anyway!) or obey what this verse told me to do?  If you really read what is says, it is a COMMAND!   It says, we (I) WILL REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT!  So, the ” I don’t want to” response is not the right answer!  It does not mean that the problem will be instantly solved or go away.  However, God says  to “rejoice and be glad” while going though this problem.  I do not know what the outcome will be,  but I do know I have the a choice to make. I can continue to worry and fret, or continue to pray and trust God for His solution in HIS way and time. 

What are you worrying and anxious about ?  Join me in making the choice of rejoicing and being glad in what he has given us –TODAY!  God is at work even though it might not seem that He is!  Keep praying and trust Him for the outcome.

Bob Morgan,  Boca Raton, Florida




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