24 11 2011

Another Thanksgiving Day is here!  It is time to tell GOD, family, friends why we are thankful.  It is right giving thanks for the present, however, reflecting on past blessings is also important. I remember many past Thanksgiving Days spent in Michigan when we would all gather for a day of fun!  How my Mom and Dad loved their large family as we were together, laughing, singing, telling stories and jokes.  The smell of the turkey and pumpkin pies in the oven filled the air!  We could not wait to eat the feast!  The crisp air of the day, along with snow, many times added to the merriment!

Then when I moved my family to Florida, we, of course, did not have these large celebrations any more.  However, the topic and spirit of the day was still Thanksgiving to God for blessings.  Today, I, my wife, Judy, her brother, Daniel,  daughter Michelle and grandkids Antonio and Jessica, will gather in Hollywood, Florida, with my niece Gaylynn, her husband David and children, Keriann, Kelsi and Peter.  It will be a day of fun, laughter, singing, joke and story telling  just like the past!

Gaylynn asked me to give a verse and prayer before dinner.  Well, I am going to the past for this!  When I was a camp counselor for many summers in Michigan, at mealtime we used to sing the JOHNNY APPLESEED GRACE SONG!  We will be singing that song again today!  Do you remember it?  OK, sing it with me now!

Oh, the Lord’s been good to me

And so I thank the Lord

For giving me the things I need

The sun, the rain and the appleseed;

Oh, the Lord’s been good to me.


Bob Morgan, Boca Raton, Florida




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